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Origin: Saskatchewan, Canada

Genre: Acoustic Rock

Years Active: 2009 - Present

Label: Independent 

Official Websites:

I am

Annette is at the top of her game with ‘I AM’, her 5th solo album, featuring an array of folk-rock songs that acknowledge and celebrate the beauty and strength of the human spirit. Nominated for a WCMA, this album pushes just the right amount of alt into its music, fusing dynamic rhythms with acoustic rock, all woven together by strong melodies and stellar lyrics.

Annette Campagne-IAm-cover-opt.jpg

Papillon amiral

These eleven beautifully crafted French Pop/rock songs are full of strong melodic hooks and powerful musical performances. Annette’s songs weave through life’s paradoxes with a mix of compassion, contemplative detachment, humour and straight “shoot from the hip ness”. Papillon amiral is a wonderful tableau of portraits about the essence of life, offered up by the richness of Annette’s voice and the power of her songwriting.

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Papillon amiral - Annette Campagne album cover.jpg

You Gotta Laugh


Annette Campagne returns with her first English album with fabulous results, delivering a mix of contemporary folk, melodic pop and acoustic rock with a sweet and soulful voice. ‘You gotta laugh’ is about heartbreak and the thrill of new beginnings; about the refusal to compromise; about fury and forgiveness. It is the work of an artist whose mettle has been tested.

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