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body mind frequency sessions

Everything is energy.


We are energy, everything around us is energy.


The body mind frequency method permits me to tap into this energy so as a practitioner, I can access information from the subconscious mind and what it contains so as to draw a map to what needs to be shifted.


The subconscious mind dictates much of our human experience, our decisions, our patterns, our
beliefs and choices, and when we bring these up to the conscious mind, they can be shifted.  

Following a strong urge to delve into the healing arts, I combine the power of this life-expanding
method with my light language singing, which enhances the session.

I am a huge advocate of this modality. Having done many sessions for myself, it has transformed
me on several levels.

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A session can run anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes.


The first half of the session is used to draw a comprehensive map, the second to play the tuning forks and specific frequencies to shift the energetic matrix that is holding old patterns and core beliefs in place. 


The sessions can be in person (Regina) or online via zoom. This is for those who are ready and curious about going beyond their present circumstances and perceived limitations, be they physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship or work orientated.


I put a special emphasis on discovering the connection between the physical manifestation of any health-related issue and the subconscious beliefs holding it in place. 


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me an email at Annettecampagne1@gmail.comIf you dream of expanding into your freedom and wellbeing like never before, click below to book a session.

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