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Regina Leader Post

When Regina’s Annette Campagne writes songs, like those on her new album, I AM, her goal is to pull listeners into a state of mindfulness.


‘‘Annette Campagne pens songs for healing, pulling listeners into a state of mindfulness through introspective lyrics, upbeat jams and a strong feminist message about inner strength.‘‘


-Devin Pacholik, Regina Leader Post

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‘‘A voice both sweet and very strong, where ferocity gives way to serenity, where sweetness folds into fury and where sadness alternates with joy‘‘


-Paul Savoie, Liaison Magazine

‘‘Chalk full of driving beats & rhythms, soaring vocals and lyrics to motivate even the most down-trodden, Annette provides exactly what this world needs more of; hope, light and motivation to do the best we can for ourselves & those around us.‘‘ 


-Canadian Beats 

‘‘I AM’ is a wonderful tableau of paradoxical portraits about the essence of life, offered up by the richness of Annette’s songwriting and performances. The evocative beauty of this album comes to life through her sultry yet strong voice, and is accentuated by some ingenious arrangements.‘‘


 -Marc Lalonde des ondes

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